edjog on a log

A hedgehog head jog

Edjog edjog
Harmless mammal
Not dog or frog
Not a camel

Doesn't bite, jump
Or get the hump
Quite polite
Slightly plump

Loves to curl
Into a ball
And unfurl
Around nightfall

Dozy by day
Nosy by night
Likes to play
Out of sight

No, don't sneer
Takes it steady
When we are near

Armed with spines
For defence
A million years
Of common sense

Armed with peace
For offence
A million years
Of love immense

Outside prickly
Inside lovely
Tender tickly
Kind and cuddly

Edjog knows
What life's about
Uses snout
To sniff it out

Knows the peace
Knows the love
Knows the joy
That feels so good

Edjog knows
We like it too
And we can choose
What we shall do

Ignore the signs
Ignore the heart
Get lost in mind?


Enjoy the REAL
Respect LIFE
Sense and FEEL!
© edjog.info 2015